We offer five different materials. We work with a number of sizes within these materials. We will offer the paper materials from A4 to A0 format. The framed posters come in A4, A3, A2 and sometimes A1 format. We offer canvas and dibond in 20x30, 30x40 (sometimes), 40x60 and 60x90 cm.


Material Sizes
Poster A4 - A3 - A2 - A1 - A0
Poster HD A2 - A1 - A0
Framed poster A4 - A3 - A2 - A1
Canvas 20x30 - 30x40 - 40x60 - 60x90 cm
Dibond 20x30 - 30x40 - 40x60 - 60x90 cm

Poster paper

When it comes to (photo) paper posters, we distinguish between a regular and HD poster. For regular posters, formats A2 to A0 are printed on 140 gram photo paper and formats A3 and A4 on 210 grams. All HD posters are printed on 250 gram gloss paper.

The weight of the HD paper is heavier, which means that folds are less likely to appear and because the ink dries better, it also gets a sharper contract and brighter colors. The finish of all posters is semi-glossy.


For prints on canvas we use a 100% cotton canvas. The canvas is mounted on a wooden frame with a standard thickness of 2 cm. The canvases have a very high color fastness and are UV and water resistant. The advantage of canvas is that it is very light. No heavy screws are needed to hang the canvas securely. Canvas is strong and will last for years. Tip: You can easily clean canvas with a damp cloth.


Dibond is a composite material made from two sheets of aluminum with a 3 MM thick plastic core. The material is sturdier and lighter than regular aluminum and is also UV and water resistant. The material is provided with a white top layer. Dibond has a luxurious and professional appearance and does not deteriorate in quality over the years. Moreover, you can easily clean it with a microfiber cloth.

Framed poster

A framed poster gives your wall a personal touch in an instant. We use the poster paper, surrounded by a black wooden frame and glass around it. The high-quality appearance of this wall decoration creates a luxurious atmosphere in any room.

NB! The framed posters do not come in a passe partout. The photos of some products are for inspiration only.

Size chart

Always useful to assess the ideal format.

Mate Cm
A4 21x29.7 cm
A3 29.7x42 cm
A2 42x59.4cm
A1 59.4x84.1cm
A0 84.1x118.9 cm